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Show Desktop [shell coding]


Have you ever wonder how the show desktop Icon works in xp. It works with a simple shell coding.

And I have given coding below…..

1 Open Notepad

2 Type the following coding in Notepad.






3 save the file with .scf extension (example mydesktop.scf)

Now double click the .scf file and you can see your desktop…

Try it out… it is interesting …..



Different Ways!!!!!!!!!!

The different ways to open control panel.. Give a break to normal procedures.

Type the following commands in command prompt.

To Open Admin Tools

  control admintools

To Open Add and Remove Programs

control appwiz.cpl,,0

control appwiz.cpl,,1

control appwiz.cpl,,2

control appwiz.cpl,,3

To Open Display Properties

control desk.cpl,,0

control desk.cpl,,2

control desk.cpl,,3

control desk.cpl,,4

control desk.cpl,,5

To Open Mouse Properties

control main.cpl,,0

control main.cpl,,1

control main.cpl,,2

control main.cpl,,3

control main.cpl,,4

To Open Network connections

control netconnections

To Open Network Connection Wizard

control netsetup.cpl

To Open System Properties

control sysdm.cpl,,0

control sysdm.cpl,,1

control sysdm.cpl,,2

control sysdm.cpl,,3

control sysdm.cpl,,4

control sysdm.cpl,,5

control sysdm.cpl,,6


I hope you guys will like it….

Cool but Scary video

Disable and Enable Firewall

Hi all,

As said in title,

Now am gonna show you an interesting command that will Enable or Disable (On or Off) firewall in windows XP. The command as follows…..

Type the command in Command prompt to enable or disable firewall

Netsh firewall set opmode disable 

netsh firewall set opmode enable



FAT to NTFS Conversion


Normally the file system conversion requires a complete format of disk volume. Imagine if there is any way to convert FAT file system to NTFS without formatting the hardisk.

Yes, We can convert FAT to NTFS without formatting and we can do it using command prompt.

It's a simple command. 


convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs

For eg : convert D:/fs:ntfs

This command will ask you for confirmation. Once you have confirmed the FAT file system is converted to NTFS files system without formatting..

This command is very useful. Try it out

Is copy / past is possible in Remote Desktop Connection

Hey guys..

Is it possible to copy a file from remote connection computer and  past it on your local computer ? without mapping a network drive…..

Nearly 80% of the xp user's would say "NO" for my question.

But  It is possible. Remote Desktop Connection have an option which helps you to copy and paste files from remote to local computer. Just check the following screen shot's.

 Step 1:

Open Remote Destop Connection Wizard.



Step 2 :

Click the Option Button and select Local Resources tab

Enable  Disk Drive Option has show in below image.


 When ever this this option is enabled. The  local computer hard drive's will automatically shared to the remote computer and this helps to copy files remotely to local computer..

 I recommed you to try this option…. It  is interesting


Configuring IP address using MS Dos

Hey folks..

Have you ever tried to configure IP address using command prompt.

I will teach you, its very easy and it is one of the most powerful commands in MS Dos.

Open Ms Dos or Command Prompt in XP or windows 2003

1. Type netsh 

2. Type int (interface)

3. Type ip 

4.  Type set address Local Static IP address) cast address) 1

 5. You will get Status OK

Complete Command :

netsh interface ip>set address local static 1


 Try it…. It is very useful….




Hi all, check out the simple command that helps XP users to know about the detailed system information.

1. Open your command prompt

2. Type the command systeminfo.

3. All your system informations will be listed….




Update or Change XP Product Key without re-installation


Now am going to teach you to updated or change Product key of XP without re-installation of Operating System. I have tried it by my self and it is working perfectly.

There are two steps to be followed during this process.

Step 1 :

You need to deactivate your current product key before updating new key to do this you need to open Registry Editor

(Note : Registry contains all the important informations of an O/S. So you must be carefully while editing registry )

To open Registry Editor type regedit on RUN and Press Enter. This will open Registry Editor



 In Registry Editor Open the below given  folders

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents

and then  Modify the values displayed on OOBETimer atleast any 1 value as given below.








 After changing the value click ok and close registry editor. This will deactivate current Product key.


Step 2 :

Type the below content on RUN and Click ok

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a



 2 a ) After you click ok it will prompt Product Key Activation Wizard. Select second option



2 b) Click the Change Product Key Option




2 c) Enter The new Valid product key on the Prodcut Key Text box and click update. This will activate your new product key.



2 d ) You can check product key updation by typing the below content on RUN

%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a and this will conform your activation


  …So You have successfully changed your product key without re-installation. 


A Simple Technic to Create User Account in Windows

Hi all my sweetcirles friends..

Now I am going to teach you a simple technic to create a user account in XP Just try it out……..

To Create  :

Open your command prompt

Then enter this simple command

C: net user loginname password /add

for eg (net user aneesh password /add)




Then you can proceed with the new login…..

To Delete :

C: net user loginname password/delete

for eg (net user aneesh password/delete)




Just try this …………

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